Longevity and strength would be the ultimate purpose when dating someone. You want to be lucky that the person you are with is really your soul mate. You want to take this step because you don't want to date more than one guy and you want to be sure early in your relationship that this is the case and you don't have to look for anyone else. 

There will be unique and genuine experiences that will make your relationship with your soulmate special. More specifically, with your soulmate, you will feel a natural connection despite conflicts because there is never a question of love between the two of you. Your relationship will be almost instinctual, will differ dramatically from other relationships, and things will tend to flow effortlessly between you. 

Her soul really feels happy and at peace when she is with someone she just knows is meant to be. There will be a rhythm, a special interaction between them in their relationship that sets them apart. from other couples. However, couples are less likely to understand what makes their relationship with their soulmate special, but these things will make them realize something special about their relationship.

1. You are not afraid of being judged or misunderstood.

Most likely, people take time to open up about their opinions to each other because of the fear of being judged or misunderstood. If you are lucky to be with your soulmate then you wouldn’t have to be afraid of being criticized for it.

2. You are sure you have constant help and support.

While taking risks in life, when you are undeterred and keep moving forward with courage and bravery, undoubtedly, you are with someone who is going to push you towards where you want to be, you are with your soulmate!

3. You find no problem accepting your partner’s core values and principles because you share the same.

Often, people have different perspectives about each other’s fundamental views and principles but you find it so easy to just mesh well together.

4. You can always trust and rely on them blindly.

This belief is not to be sure unless someone’s having your back and you know you can rely on them and they would deliver on what they say.

5. You are comfortable in your own skin.

People change after they start new relationships but not because they have to, definitely, when their partners ask them to. If you feel no pressure of any sort to become someone that you would most certainly despise becoming then, you have the real person in your relationship.

6. You feel no jealousy whatsoever of your partner’s successes, instead, you are genuinely proud of your partner.

You have basically no inferiority complex when you see your partner climbing the stairs of success. You feel proud that you are with someone who has achieved a lot in their life that anyone could have imagined.

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