Had a phone call from the IGP this morning in response to the post I wrote to the Ghana Police Service about the events leading to the death of #Setor. I am glad the Ghana Police finally has a listening ear and it’s a surprise the IGP called me.

The call came through just after my interview with JoyNews this morning and I’d have to say from listening to his response to the grievances we have and his demeanor as we spoke that we may have an IGP who can transform the Police service if Politicians don’t interfere in his work.

IGP George Dampare is indeed a man of his class and he promised that he would investigate the issues We raised and make sure #Justice is served.

So I guess We now have the responsibility to make sure that he gets all the informations and evidences he needs to make sure that Justice is served in the case of #Setor and #Hamza and we would seek same for #Etor as well.

I believe that’s the only way the Police can restore Peace to Akatsi and get the Town folks to once again have confidence in the Police.

Peace cannot prevail without equal rights and Justice and fact is that no community can survive without the Police. So we’ve got to find a way to bring Peace to Akatsi and stop the chaos so that nobody else gets shot or brutalized.

And so to help the IGP perform his duties successfully, we the citizens must give him accurate informations leading to all the events relating to the Death of #Setor and #Hamza.

And I pray the news outlets would give us the platforms to keep sharing the progress of this case.

Now the first step is the write a formal and official PETITION to the IGP and THE Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) in Accra next month.

It would be in the form of a very very Peaceful Demonstration where we would take about 3 cars to Accra and peacefully walk with our placards first to the IGPs office and then to the CHRAJ office and then we do some small refreshment at the Art Centre and then we drive back to Akatsi.

Who is with me on the journey? Would still go alone but then it would be better if we use this opportunity to unite the Youth of Akatsi and build a solid Youth front.




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