Dear Ghana Police Service,

This is #Setor, The Police officers in the riot Van with registration number GP 324 from Ho who are patrolling Akatsi rammed into a motorcycle he sat on in the evening of Friday 8th April 2022 and further arrested him and denied him access to his family for hours.

He is alleged to have fell backwards and hit the back of his head on the asphalt street and broke his skull in the process.

I am begging you to have your internal affairs investigate this issue and let Justice prevail.

I would like to share THE SETOR STORY with you.

Setor is a very humble boy. He is a 3rd year student at the Akatsi Senior High Technical School and is the caretaker of his uncle Benjamin Letsu’s house in Akatsi.

He neither smokes nor drink and he is not a criminal. It would be a shame to have the Akatsi Police attempt to paint this innocent youth as a criminal.

HOW SETOR DIED (Story Ingathered so far)

Setor had just gone out to buy Indomie and he met his friend #Nelly at the Indomie base. After eating they were going home when #Jemilu who is a friend and was riding alone on his motorcycle stopped to give them a lift to their destination.

Setor sat at the back whiles Nelly sat in middle. And just about 100 meters into their journey they got stopped by the Police Van but then they didn’t stop and the Police Van chased them and allegedly rammed into them at top speed, smashing them against the metal barricades by the road.

Setor who was sitting at the back is said to have fell backwards and smashed his head on the floor. The Police then took them to the Akatsi District hospital and handcuffed them to the bed. The Police further took their phones and prevented them from calling their families.

Setor’s broken head was only bandaged and they delayed in attending to them for hours because they were branded as criminals.

It took Jemilu to speak to a nurse in the morning of the next day before She gave him her phone to call his Father. It was then before help came and the Doctors examined Setor’s and realized his case was serious so he was rushed to the Ridge Hospital in Accra where he died.


It’s a sad development for the Youths of Akatsi to attack the Akatsi Police Station with rocks and I don’t support. But then recent events and actions of the Police has made the town folks not to trust the Police in Akatsi.

The Police have quickly repaired the Police Van that rammed into the boys resulting in the death of one in the process. This is what the Youths of Akatsi saw as an attempt to tamper with evidence in order to cover up the issue and extent of the impact.

So some Youths went over to the fitting shop and took pictures that yesterday of the Police Van at the fitting shop. And today at the Police station they showed me the repaired Van.

And the pictures would make your realize that they actually rammed into the boys at top speed cos the bumper of the Police Van was completely destroyed and their side mirror smashed.

This is the story I’ve gathered so far on the streets and from the Families of the boys.

We cannot bring back Setor but then we can seek Justice for his untimely killing.

The Police knows by name and number the Driver of the Van that particular day and all the Officers on duty in the Van. So they must be queried, arrested and prosecuted for either murder or manslaughter.

Justice in this case can restore the integrity and trust of the Police and calm nerves!

I would like to appeal to the general public and the Human rights activist to also come and help find a solution to the chaos between the Police and Akatsi Youths.



Another Youth #Hamza was shot in the abdomen during the riot and he is said to have died at the hospital. Hamza is a younger cousin of Jemilu, who is the rider of the bike that the Police rammed into last Friday. He was just 16 years old and an aspiring footballer. Another sad development.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu

Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo

John Dramani Mahama


GHOne News



Citi TV

Ahiafor Bernard


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