I beg oooo,

If ShattaWale insult person on this platform I no dey talk some!

If Celebrity e nude picture dey trend I know dey comment for top!

If gossip dey trend for this street I know dey share some like gossip24!

If big yawa catch somebody for online I no dey troll some like Kwadzo Sheldon!

“What’s on my mind” everyday is to connect my energy to speak up and write strictly on issues relating to the development of the Volta Region and Ghana, Ewe history and my Anlo-Avenor heritage, and then my passion for the Creative Arts and Tourism industry where I belong Creatively.

And you won’t also have to agree with my opinions because our perspectives differ.

I don’t have opinions about everything except what concerns my backyard. And I don’t even go spread my issues on a blog or a page but then my personal Facebook account with my face and true identity.

So respect my views you don’t agree with just as the once you agree with.

Debate the issues with me so we can learn! Question me and let me explain but then don’t insult me because my opinions are different from yours.

I speak of Ewe Royalty because I am an “almost lost” Anlo Royal from “Atito” under the name “Xemalordzo”. And also an Avenor Royal and Zikpuitor from Lume-Dornakope.

And my father the current Zikpuitor and I am the first born of the first borns Son in the family. So I am a Zikpuitor in Avenor on an Anlo Royal Stool that was brought to Avenor by my Great great grandfather who moved from Atito to Dornakope.

(This story is a how most Avenor towns were formed)

And then my maternal Grandmother “Nancy Ami Woanyah is from the “Royal Badu” family in Anyako. So I am an Anlo Royal so let me speak!

I am interested in Ewe history than the average Ewe Youth and Marcus Garvey said “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

So allow me who has given myself the title “Agbonugla” which means “Gatekeeper”, who is also a Zikpuitor in real life to question his past history, origin and culture so We don’t become a tree without roots.






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