(The Road To Peace and Justice In Akatsi)

On the Ghanaian coat of arms is the inscription in bold words the mantra of Ghana 🇬🇭, “FREEDOM AND JUSTICE”. It is therefore important that we uphold the “Freedom” of every “Ghanaian to live under the laws of the land as well as ensure “equal rights” and “Justice” for all.

It therefore means that ETOR aka #YoungMoney, SETOR aka #Sniper and #HAMZA also deserve JUSTICE.

#Etor, a 21 year old Youth died on the 5th of November 2021 after a certain Policeman led a raid on “Ghetto Youths” on the 2nd of November and Etor was brutally beaten up by the Policeman.

He was then sent to the Police station where he was locked up for a whole day and refused medical attention leading to his death on the third day.

He was buried on the 26th of March 2022 and his autopsy report is said to have said that although he was beaten up, he died because all his internal organs had been destroyed by the hard drugs he takes.

And we have reasons to believe that the autopsy report was cooked in other to temper with evidence.

#Setor, a 20 year old 3rd year student died on Friday the 10th of April this year after a certain Police Van rammed into 3 of them on the motorcycle into the metal barricades by the road on the 8th of April. He was also denied urgent medical attention since the Police took all their phones and prevented them from contacting their families.

His skull had been badly cracked according to the X-ray report from either falling hard on the streets or the hitting the metal barricades.

The MCE of Akatsi in an interview on CitiFM said the Police told him that the guys on the motorcycle fell on their own and they took them to the hospital. This is an absolute lie and it’s a shame to have the Police tell a blatant lie to the MCE.

#Hamza is a 16 year old JHS 2 pupil who was shot in the abdomen by the Police during the clash between the Akatsi Youths and the Police in the early hours of 10th April after the death of Setor.

He died at the hospital and is scheduled to be buried tomorrow according to the Moslem traditions.

The MCE of Akatsi South in an interview with CitiFM again said that the Police told him that they had only used rubber bullets which is also a blatant lie since the bullet penetrated Hamza’s stomach.

We don’t seek anything apart from Justice for this 3 young Boys and make sure such confrontations between the Youths and the Police never again happens in Akatsi.












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