The Akatsi MCE Hon. Marthin Kofitsey Nyahe needs urgent help to govern the Akatsi township or else he would send the town down a chaotic path. We should be “de escalating” the issue and not taking sides with the Police against the Youths.

Per the communique he has released this morning, I now have a lot of reasons to allege that he is helping the Police to “whitewash” the issues resulting in the death of #Etor, #Setor and #Hamza and blame the Youths rather.


The Youths of Akatsi are complaining about consistent “Police brutality” of the Youths in town as a result of their actions and you don’t deem it important to address that.

This alleged “Police brutality” has resulted in the death of 3 Akatsi Youths between the ages of 16 to 21 in a spade of 5 months and has left other Youths like #Pepso and #Atsu with various health complications over the last 2 to 3 years. And a lot of Youths in town are ready to speak up against all this and provide evidence but then the MCE doesn’t seem it necessary to listen to the Youths.

He is rather blaming drinking bars when the Police station was attacked in the morning when most of those bars weren’t open.

And then nothing about the alleged “Police Brutality” was never mentioned in the communique to suggest they would look into it. It was completely ignored even in the face of overwhelming evidence and this is just further making the Youths angry.

And our demand for an independent probe was also completely ignored!

Does this means the MCE is the voice of the Police and not the Youths of Akatsi as well?


The MCE had a MUSEC meeting yesterday. I called him early in the morning because I wanted to join and represent the voice of the Youths but then he told me that the Youths were already being represented by a certain “Youth Parliament” group. Never heard of the group in town though.

And I now see the reason why He didn’t want me at the meeting. They should rather start listening because as it stands now, and with all the evidence I’ve gathered, I won’t back down till Justice is served. No amount of victimization would stop me because the Police and the Politicians in Akatsi have lost the trust of the Youths completely.


Do you know that up till date the MCE hasn’t gone to visit the family of the late SETOR?

I repeat that the MCE hasn’t gone to sympathize or just greet the family of Setor who died on the 10th of April after being rammed into by the Police Van a day before.

He hasn’t gone to see the family and I just can’t fathom why.

And do you know again that the DCE hasn’t gone to see the condition of #Agboyibor or even call the family to know his condition?

Agboyibor was allegedly shot by a live ammunition on Sunday the 10th during the clash between Police and the Youths and is receiving treatment at the Ho Teaching Hospital but then the MCE till today as I type hasn’t asked of the condition of Agboyibor from the family. Just imagine.

And would you believe that the MCE came to pick up the other 2 guys involved in the accident from their house to go and give them special treatment but then he just handed them over to the Police who re-arrested them and took them to the 66 Artillery Hospital in Ho without the knowledge of their Familes?

And would you believe that the Family of the 2 boys had to pay 1,100 cedis yesterday for that special treatment before further bailing their sons who he came to pick from the house?

And would you believe that the MCE didn’t inform the family of the 2 boys before handing them over to the Police and it only took the anger of one of the boys brother to know where his brother was before he told them he sent them to Hospital for special treatment in Ho. And he didn’t even pay for it.

And would you believe that the Police are now trying to build a case of being “scammers” against the 2 boys after the MCE handed them over to the Police?

We all know the issue was that somebody said guys on motorbike snatched his bag and the Police saw the guys on a bike and mistook them for the bag snatchers. So now where from the case of “being scammers”???


Our DCE is a form 4 leaver if I’m not wrong and used to work at a Radio station in charge of Ewe news. He became popular in Akatsi for doing Radio adverts especially ALCOHOL adverts and so he seems to lacks the experience of handling such volatile issues and I am begging the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to quickly send some Professionals to come help him make good decisions.

Peace cannot exist without equal rights and Justice. We need to build trust between the Police and the Youths or else Akatsi may always see Youths rebellions against “Police brutality”.




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