#Torgbuiga_Wenya III (Dutor of Anlo Kingdom)


The good people of the Anlo kingdom have installed a new King under the name “Torgbuiga Wenya III”, and he becomes the “Dutor of the Anlo Kingdom” which means “Overlord of the Anlo Kingdom”.

I hear his role would be to serve as the head of the Loafe clan of Anlo, sit on a Royal stool as the Founder of the Anlo Kingdom and also serve as the head of state of Anlo Land.

The title was conferred on one “Lawyer Ephraim Agbeko Vordoagu” of the VORDOAGU, DZEBLE & CO (Chambers) at a ceremony attended by the Elders and Kingmakers of Anlo.

Also former Big Brother Africa contestant and renowned female Entrepreneur, Confidence Haugen was made his Queen and so She is now the “Queen of Anlo” under the title of “Mamaga Abui Buiekpor II”.

Confidence now “Mamaga” becomes the highest female-led office holder of the Anlo Kingdom.

I am yet to see if there would be any legal tussle or verbal disputes over this installment but then I am grateful that “Torgbuiga Wenya” the great is finally being fully recognized and his name cemented in history for his important roles as Founder and Leader of the Anlo Kingdom.

And I have this feeling this would be a great opportunity to start an interesting discourse about the Ewe history for we the Youths to learn more about our history, heritage and culture.

History puts “Torgbui Wenya” as arguably the most instrumental and influential leader in our stay and escape from Notsie. He was the first Leader and Founder before any other person. And there’s no record of Who made Wenya the leader of the “Dogbo community” like how he selected “Sri” for the Awomefia position.

“Amega Wenya” is the one who made his nephew named “Kponoe”, the Awomefia over the Anlo in Notsie and gave him the title “Torgbui Sri”. History has it that “Kponoe” who became “Torgbui Sri I” got into a dispute with his Paternal brothers in Tado, a town in Togo over the succession of the “Awoamezi” which is the name for the “Awomefia Royal Stool”. He therefore took off with the Stool and run off from Tado to his maternal Uncle, Amega Wenya in Notsie.

It was in Notsie that the stool was conferred on “Kponoe” as “Torgbui Sri I” by his maternal Uncle “Wenya” who was then the leader of the Dogbo community in Notise. And so it means Sri would have never been Awomefia of Anlo if his Uncle Wenya wasn’t the leader of the Dogbo community in Notsie.

And Sri also in his lifetime decided that his nephew “Adeladza” should also rule after him as a reward for bringing back the Anlo Awomefia stool that was left in Notsie after they escaped from King Agorkorli.

And despite “Torgbui Sri” was the Awomefia of Anlo during their escape from Notsie, it was the same Torgbui Wenya who still led the Anlo people in his old age from Notsie to their present home in Anloga.

And He is also the one who gave the name “Anlo” to the Anlo tribe when he told his entourage that he could no longer continue the journey because he was old and bent and would want to coil here. He used the words “me nlo de afisia” which means “I’ve coiled or folded up here” when they arrived in present day Anloga.

And it is also worth also knowing that history defines “Awomefia” as the “Spiritual head” and not a ceremonial head of the Anlo Kingdom. And he is suppose to stay in seclusion in the “Awoveme” which means “Awo”s forest”.

Traditionally the Awoamefia as a “SPIRITUAL KING" never went out into public and His face was never to be seen by the citizens. Citizens were supposed to cover their faces or genuflect whiles in the presence of the Awomefia.

“Awo” pronounced “Awor”, from my oral research is a wild thorny plant that bears a certain type of red fruits. And “me” in Ewe means “Inside” and “Fia” means Chief or King.

So “Awomefia” literally means the “Chief that resides inside the Awo plants forest”.

Not an expert in Ewe history but then this is what I know and just sharing so we can start a healthy conversation to understand our diverse and intriguing history and heritage.

In all I am just supercool “Torgbui Wenya” finally gets the recognition he deserves.

But then now the question is that “Who among the 2 Overlords is the true Leader of Anlo?

Because as it stands “Wenya” has a solid history to demand being recognized as the Founder and Ceremonial head of the Anlo just as Torgbuiga Wenya I was. History gives him that bragging right.

Dagbe neva Anlo nyigbadzi

Tsitsidedzi neva Anlo nyigbadzi




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