Fameye: Making Music Is More Than Fame And Awards

Fameye, a highlife musician, asserts that his intention when creating music is to communicate a particular message to music enthusiasts rather than to earn awards.

The "Notin A Get" singer asserts that employing creative lyrics to tell stories that would inspire the general public in their everyday challenges is his primary motivation for creating music.

The talented singer stated that he was more concerned about having an impact on people's lives than he was about the fame that came with performing music in an interview with the Ghana News Agency.

"A storyteller is how I see myself. Making music is more about my experience and the message I want to share with my fans for me than it is about being a celebrity.

I never think about winning Songwriter of the Year when I'm writing music. I just want to share a message with the audience that they may use to their everyday life," he said.

Regarding the particular genre he has been focusing on lately, Fameye said in response to a query, "I don't view myself as a primarily Highlife artist since I believe I am still discovering myself with the particular kind of genre I play, but I consider myself a diversified act.

"I want to leave a lasting impression in Ghanaian music circles like Amakye Dede, Ebo Taylor, and Daddy Lumba. Among others, Okomfour Kwadee has.

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