At Apirede in the Okere District of the Eastern Region, a school bus carrying three University of Education, Winneba students ran off the road and into a valley, resulting in their deaths.

The mishap happened on September 9's Friday.

A total of 28 other people had injuries that may have been fatal. They were transferred to the Eastern Regional Hospital in some cases.

The Yilo Krobo District Hospital is now providing care for some of the victims.

Belinda Kafui Mawutor, the hospital administrator, confirmed the occurrence.

When the sad occurrence at Apirede occurred, the pupils were about to leave on an educational excursion to Mountain Afadjato in the Volta Region.

It's unknown which school the students attend, however the school bus bears the University of Education, Winneba's insignia.

It is unclear which institution the students belong to, but the school bus had an inscription of the University of Education, Winneba on it.

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