Diana Asamoah Finds Love In Israel?

 Gospel musician, Diana Asamoah, says she has found a husband material in Israel as she flaunted an Israeli man in a new video in circulation.

In the video which she shared on TikTok, she said she prayed to God for her husband before embarking on a Holy trip to Israel.

“Ghanaians, this is what God has done. God’s miracles follow me. When I got to Israel, this was the first thing I prayed about: I wanted an Israeli man. God has done well, this is him,” she said.

“The husband I have got for myself. We are bringing Israel to Ghana. This, don’t doubt it. Thank you all. My husband’s name is…[Pause]…What is your name?” she asked the man.

The man stood quietly all the time when she was talking. He didn’t understand what she was saying because she spoke in the Twi language.

Many of her followers had wondered if she was only playing or she was indeed serious about making him a love interest.

Last week Diana made a lot of headlines after her label Frimprint Production in a press statement said it terminated its contract with the songstress. She has since been quiet until now that she is flaunting a man.

Watch the video below:

@evangelistdiana Israel# Jerusalem# Fun#mountcamel ♬ original sound - Evangelist Diana Asamoah

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