Often times, we are faced with certain situations that make us end up making certain choices. I wonder what situations may lead someone to go into blind dating in the first place, but then, it’s all a matter of choices.

Here in today’s episode, we explore the pros and cons of both distance relationships and blind dates; but let me first make this clear that the recommendations you’ll find in the subsequent paragraphs are not in themselves ultimate. They are, just as the name suggests, merely recommendations i.e. its application is a matter of choice for the individual.

While many would prefer a relationship where they could see their partners often, many actually would opt for a distance relationship than to be in a blind date relationship.

In an interaction with a few friends and acquaintances, I found out that almost everyone, when presented with the options of choosing between a blind date or a distance relationship, would prefer the latter, and rightly so (well, to them). And the sheer number of reasons they gave to support their choice is quite fascinating.

Some said distance relationships allowed them to see and know much about their partners, albeit virtually; but a blind date would not afford them such privileges.

Some too stressed more on looks, with the explanation that the person you’d meet later on in a blind date might not meet their requirements. And oh, who wouldn’t be concerned about looks. Forget about those who claim looks don’t matter. Looks matter, but that should be to a reasonable degree.

So back to the conversation, yes, distance relationships are more widely preferred to blind dates, but are there any similarities or differences between them?

With distance relationships, at least you know your partner. Sometimes, some persons may even be with their partners before distance sets in due to maybe education or work requirements. So couples would have to be in constant communication through virtual means.

But the issue of trust comes in. Will your partner remain faithful while miles, oceans and countries away from you; or the Lord is your Shepherd? (Lol).

Some persons maintain distance relationships while still keeping an active relationship with others close to them. Before one would say jack, they are getting married. Ohw! The person you had been waiting for?!

On the other hand, some people would have active relationships with people close to them and still run a distance relationship with others far away. That too, before one would say jack, they are also getting married to others other than their known partners.

This particular scenario is quite minimal as compared to the other way round though; but the bottom line is that, there’s a high chance that your partner might be keeping your ‘2IC (2nd in command)’ somewhere. Of course there are genuine people though, so don’t generalise it.

I believe people will be honest and faithful if they really decide to. If two lovers, separated by distance, can swear commitment to each other regardless of how long it’d take to finally meet and settle, then that could be said to be a successful distance relationship. Other than that, it might be a disaster.

But let me chip in something about blind dates here. Despite all the talks about looks and not knowing your partner very well in this case, sometimes, just sometimes, one could meet their soulmates oo (Lol). Sounds funny, but it’s highly possible.

You see, nature has a way of bringing certain elements, including people into our lives. For all you know, the person you’ve been dating blindly, might be just your exact spec on the day you see them the first time. They may even check all the boxes of your requirements in terms of both looks and in character. It isn’t an all-negative affair with the blind date. There are positives too.

Although personally, I’d prefer distance relationship to a blind date if those are the only options available to me, others see things differently and would prefer to bank their lot on hope for a ‘picture perfect’ relationship someday. Whatever it is, it’s all a matter of choices.

So, my dear reader, which would you prefer? Distance relationship or blind date? Share your answers, as well as your opinions, thoughts and questions on today’s submission with me via my mail (niifiofio.dailyguide@gmail.com) or any of my social media handles (@knii_fiofio on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat). I look forward to hearing from you.

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