Yemi Alade, an actress, has cautioned followers against taking their own lives after believing anything they read or see on Instagram, claiming that fear of Instagram is the beginning of knowledge.

Yemi Alade cautioned her admirers not to believe everything they see on Instagram, try to get it, or kill themselves over it since the majority of it is phony. The sooner people learn to fear Instagram, the better for them.

She asserts that if you continue to focus on other people and places rather than the progress God has made in your life, you will remain unhappy because some of the things you see on Instagram may even make you feel depressed as you would like to have some

Therefore, what Yemi Alade is trying to tell us is for us to be appreciative of what we have in life and be content with it because looking at the lives of others on social media will only make you depressed or sad anytime you open social media.

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