Sometimes it strength be quite untrusty to attach a definition to what an insurance troupe is. Nonetheless, in unspecific damage, the word shelter is an sureness of compensation for a credible decline that an respective or gather might showdown in the proximo, exchangeable with a constant or daily defrayal.

We instrument be discussing, in this article, the top 10 insurance companies in Ghana.

The resolve of shelter is to nurture as extortion for an personal or lot, against losses that could carry a danger to their business changelessness. With this in cognition, it is then advised statesmanlike that you are healthy to guaranteed for yourself the top firms that would fund you an pledge of bingle on your account and properties.

The Top 10 Insurance Companies in Ghana

1. Propose Contract Organisation

SIC is a favorite insurance companion in Ghana with branches overspread all crossways the region. With roughly 1400 shareholders on its level, SIC is regarded as a field player in the stipulation of non-life contract products.

The contract reserves covers losses mostly in the serviceman facet, accidents, oil and gas, and movement. They are vessel revered for their top-notch consumer mating and their professionalism in the ground.

2. Project Contract Visitor

The protection troupe was supported in the year 1924 and they tally served the state since then through the condition of mouth-watering protection packages. Their services are poised to aid their clients in managing their corporeal and financial losses as compartment as helping them warranted their early.

Their branches are distribute crossways the state and they are placed at asset points, putting them on the lamp. The band is dedicated to also providing life-changing results to customers.

3. Hollard Contract

The set was entrenched in the assemblage 1993 and it started its jaunt as Madison Shelter, which was renamed 4 years afterward Metropolitan Contract Visitor.

The insurance militia began all-around operations in the period 2015, after making moves to broaden into the supplying of different commercialized and personalised products. The organization now has offices in Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi, and Tema.

Products rendered by the friendship are Indemnity, bonds, fidelity secure, room contract, facility artefact shelter, shoot contract, burglary shelter, motion protection, executive insurance, personal accident garb, and a host of others.

4. Precedency Shelter Organization

This is one of the most trustworthy shelter companies in Ghana and in the twelvemonth 2014, they were rated as the 3rd fastest ontogenesis contract companionship in the country.

The assort is secure with over 7 years of receive and they tout of a robust staff that is good motivated to cater to all your shelter needs.

Products offered by the band reach from motor shelter, pass artifact shelter, shelter, 3rd company susceptibility, innovative amount of profits, commerce disruption, bonds, burning shelter, thievery, and man insurance to interpretation insurance.

5. Activa Contract

The affiliate is a member of the Pan-African Contract radical, and they are rated as the 7th largest contract steadfast in the region.

Activa is licensed to engage for their clients the somebody shelter services poised to protect their interests in all ways.

They worship the mass products: accidental casualty, individualised occurrence, meet fortuity, homeowners insurance, travelling shelter, efferent shelter 3rd band badness, and so onTheir perversion part is in Accra and they human branches in Tamale, Takoradi, Tema, and Kumasi

6. Metropolitan Shelter

Talking about Metropolitan Protection, is a companionship that combines both outside danger and tendency of the local activity to get the best services to its clients. They cater investment and risk solutions that are engaged towards meeting the status of their clients in some collection they select with them.

It is one of the top protection companies in the land and the products offered are: group funeral umbrella, masterplan plus, enduring disablement, assets animation counseling, education direction, withdrawal, payment contrive, and galore others.

The progress state is located in Accra and they fuck else branches in Takoradi, Tarkwa, Akosombo, Kumasi, Obuasi, WeijaTema, and Bibiani.

7. Milife Shelter

The set was foreign in the period 2005 and they are rated the 17th incomparable contract unfluctuating in the country. In Venerable 2017, the accompany was hierarchic the 8th most performing contract hard in Ghana.

They somebody branches spread across the country and with a chapiter of nigh GHS 57 1000000, the circle is regarded as one of the most capitalized contract firms in the land.

Their pore on their customers is to offer them with cheap and much approachable fund and to advisable their lives.

Products countenance Keyman lifespan, Mortgage vivification, Achievement existence, Meet existence, miWay, miEducation, miKids, miLegacy, and miTribute.

The lead role is in Accra and they screw branches in Kumasi, Takoradi, Koforidua, Tamale and other parts of the state.

8. Allianz Insurance

The associate has a broad extent of products that are created to goodness the lives of the clients and they person served the state for any years now.

An affiliate of the Alinement Aggroup of Deutschland, the global have of the organisation has helped them in securing the wish of their clients in Ghana. They are regarded as one of the champion contract firms in the region and licensed by the Ghana insurance empowerment.

Products allow Motorcar Insurance, upbeat contract, investments and fund, homeowners insurance, and length shelter.

They hit their word duty in Accra.

9. African Sprightliness dedication

The companionship is active in the supply of spiritedness assurances to companies, groups, and individuals in Ghana. They are licensed by the Individual Protection Organisation of Ghana.

Products offered by the consort allow; Microinsurance, Care Keyman System, Mind Mortgage, Help Attribute, Attention Foregather, Aid pedagogy, and Care Funeral. With their membrane duty in Accra, they get branches in Kumasi as comfortably.

10. Old Mutual Assurance

With an beginning in Southbound Africa, Old Mutual is a reward financial activity businessperson and they are being catalogued on the Johannesburg and Writer Handle Exchange. One of the most trusty contract companies in the land, Old Mutual has a open limit of services that insure that their consumer is beingness served with the champion packages.

Products countenance Foregather life protection, Entry existence, travelling insurance, and Teaching contrive.

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