Popular Ghanaian dancehall performer Shatta Wale has retaliated against Blakk Rasta, a contentious media personality and reggae musician, for recent outbursts.

Blakk Rasta recently asserted that despite Shatta Wale having one of the biggest music fan bases in the country, he has not used his influence to advance his supporters.

Shatta Wale, he claimed, only ever taught his audience insults and foolishness while yelling at people in the entertainment industry, despite having one of the greatest fan bases in Ghana.

He claimed that despite Shatta Wale regularly bragging on social media about his expensive jewelry and other assets, he hasn't used his wealth to better the lives of his passionate fans.

Blakk Rasta criticized Shatta Wale for his arrogant lifestyle, to which Shatta Wale swiftly responded by calling Blakk Rasta a foolish coward and said that he has done more for his followers and the street than he could ever have dreamed.

He also claimed that he boasts about his possessions to let his followers know that their support of him and his music career has been successful and paying off, and that he has made an effort to give back to society.

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