The head of the Islamist party Ennahdha, Rached Ghannouchi, seemed Thursday under the watchful eye of a court in Sousse (east) as a component of an examination for "tax evasion" and "prompting to savagery".

Mr. Ghannouchi, who headed the frozen parliament in July 2021 and afterward disintegrated by President Saied, had proactively been addressed last July as a feature of an examination opened for this situation called "Instalingo".

Different individuals from Ennahdha are likewise being indicted for purportedly dubious monetary exchanges with Instalingo, a computerized content creation organization, blamed by nearby media for setting up slander crusades against senior state authorities.

The Instalingo firm, which has been under legal examination beginning around 2021, has been associated with "plotting against state security" and "prompting savagery."

"This is a bogus case that plans to redirect the premium of Tunisian culture from the genuine issues" of the country, Ghannouchi told the press under the watchful eye of entering the court in Sousse to show up under the steady gaze of a researching judge. It is, as indicated by him, a "record (legal) void" and a "issue designed.

Mr. Ghannouchi, 81, is a vocal pundit of the upset of President Saied, who took over full powers on July 25, 2021. He is likewise being arraigned in one more case known as the "shipment of jihadists" to struggle zones, which has been at the core of the political discussion for quite a long time and has as of late reemerged.

Other Ennahdha authorities have been heard by the Tunis against psychological warfare unit in this examination concerning the supposed sending of jihadists to Syria and Iraq.

The Ennahdha party, a mainstay of the legislatures that have come to control starting around 2011, is associated by its faultfinders and part with the political class of having worked with the takeoff of these jihadists to battle zones, which the development completely denies.

Toward the beginning of July, the courts requested the freezing of the Tunisian ledgers of Mr. Ghannouchi and twelve individuals from his family and his party.

On June 27, legal specialists additionally prohibited Mr. Ghannouchi from voyaging abroad as a feature of one more examination concerning the 2013 deaths of two radical pioneers.

Ennahdha and Mr. Ghannouchi have dismissed all charges against them.

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