The United States Federal Government establishes workers’ compensation programs for its workers and for certain types of employees. The United States Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs institutes workers’ compensation rules for federal workers. If complications arise with your mesothelioma claim or you are not satisfied with the outcome of workers’ compensation, you may be able to further recourse by contacting your state’s workers’ compensation commissioner. However, if the matter goes to trial, the compensation may only come after a verdict is issued (to the extent the verdict is not appealed). 

When the company goes bankrupt, the asbestos manufacturer or company will be legally ordered to set up a fund to compensate the victims or family members of victims who may have developed mesothelioma. According to the RAND Institute for Civil Justice, the average asbestos trust fund claim pays out around $41,000. Our packet is loaded with information on experienced mesothelioma attorneys in your area, how to file a claim for asbestos trust funds, how to get paid in 90 days, and more. If you face complications or are confused with your workers’ compensation mesothelioma claim you must consult an attorney for specific assistance. Also, consult a qualified mesothelioma or workers’ compensation lawyer for specific legal advice.

It is crucial to get advice from a knowledgeable, experienced asbestos attorney to base a claim on your personal situation and maximize any potential compensation claims. Whether you should file a claim with an asbestos trust fund, start a lawsuit, go to trial with your case, or seek compensation through the Veterans Administration is a tough decision to make without good legal advice. Typically, asbestos exposure compensation for the victim or mesothelioma compensation for family members will come from a settlement, jury verdict, or an asbestos trust fund.

 An asbestos trust fund is a fund that is generally set up when a company at fault of producing products containing asbestos or at fault of exposing victims to asbestos goes bankrupt. As such, if the company that you intend to sue has gone bankrupt but where an asbestos trust fund exists, you can file your claim directly against the fund (and won’t have to go through the court system).

As you can see, a mesothelioma lawsuit or mesothelioma compensation fund can possibly compensate you for different types of damages suffered. However, in unfortunate instances when the victim passes away, his or her family can file a wrongful death lawsuit claiming the damages that the victim would have been entitled to claim if he or she was still alive along with funeral and other costs. Alternatively, if you file a claim or mesothelioma lawsuit against an at-fault party, it may take years before compensation is paid. In most cases, the Statute of Limitations begins on the date of your first indication of an asbestos disease and expires between one and five years from this date. 

We put these experts to work on behalf of our clients, in the courtroom and in treatment of their disease. People who are still working when they are diagnosed with mesothelioma typically must take significant time away from their jobs to receive treatment. Treatment includes pleurectomy/decortication, which is a surgical removal of the pleura, the lining of the lungs. Many companies that used asbestos years ago were well aware of its dangers but continued to let employees risk their lives through exposure to it. ELSM has more than 40 years of experience in asbestos litigation.

Your attorney will advise you on the best venue for litigation. Redditor POGtastic responded that mesothelioma ads were nearly "ubiquitous" on American television due the profitability of asbestos litigation. How can you get compensation for mesothelioma? In addition, because mesothelioma is often fatal, the victims’ survivors may also be eligible for compensation.

 A mesothelioma lawyer can help you determine which compensation options you may be eligible for. The actual amount that a mesothelioma victim may recover will largely depend on the circumstances of the case, the applicable law, and other factors that a court or jury will evaluate. Also, please remember that financial compensation may also be secured through a mesothelioma bankruptcy fund, the Veterans Administration or government disability programs. To help the mesothelioma attorney the victim, and or their family members should create a written list of all the workplaces, or jobs where the diagnosed victim could have been exposed to asbestos.

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